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"I never had acupuncture before and Jahna made me feel very comfortable. I will definitely be going back. It was better than I imagined!" -Linda V

"If you are looking for amazing acupuncture care you NEED to see Jahna, she is knowledgeable and kind and her care has helped me immensely over the years. As a chiropractor I LOVE the whole body approach Jahna takes, her combination of acupuncture and cupping and essential oils is so incredibly effective and amazing. The best acupuncturist around!!" -SJ

"Amazing holistic healing session with Jahna yesterday!! Thank you for introducing me to my first acupuncture and cupping session! Athletes check it out!" -Jason N

"The personalized approach Jahna takes is very welcoming. I appreciated the extra time she took to get to know me and how to best handle my symptoms. The combination of various techniques has been amazing for me and I look forward to going back every single time." -Keith K

"Jahna is awesome at listening to determine the best course of treatment in a relaxing space." Mike B

"Jahna is calm, caring, gentle, knowledgeable, and respectful. She does a detailed intake and tailors sessions to what the client needs. My sinuses cleared and I've been breathing better and feeling better. I've had a lot of acupuncture and will definitely return to Cloud 9." -Jill K

"Jahna builds on her clinical knowledge with an intuitive talent for healing through acupuncture, cupping and gua sha. I always feel listened to and cared for. Her years of experience shine in everything about her practice and the treatment space she has created. I vehemently recommend seeing Jahna for whatever ails you, including just feeling out of balance!" -Kate J

"There is this thing called acupuncture that makes you feel like a magical floating unicorn (for real), and there is this amazing woman that does it… thank you Jahna Cook for taking care of me, you are truly a goddess!” –Sara J

"Jahna was amazing. My first experience with acupuncture and sound bath and I loved them both- very relaxing." -Laura P

"Love my treatments with Jahna! She is open, compassionate and very skilled at her work. I have frequently seen her for muscle tension and tightness and she is always able to get rid of my headaches. Whenever I feel a cold coming on, she helps kick it out of my system with cupping and diet recommendations. She is a fantastic practitioner and I am always grateful for her care." -Lisa L

"I would highly recommend Jahna for acupuncture treatments. She is very knowledgeable and compassionate practitioner." -Chris W

"The treatments I received from Jahna were essential while training for Ironman Wisconsin Triathlon last year. Her treatments are so soothing and restorative! I was able to maintain my rigorous training schedule and remain healthy at the starting line come race day! I would recommend Jahna to anyone looking to improve athletic performance and prevent injury.” –Elizabeth D

"She is passionate and caring and always has the best interest of her patients in mind. I highly recommend her for anyone that is looking for acupuncture." -Eric K

"Jahna was very attentive and knowledgeable, bringing together a comfortable and professional treatment. I felt she listened to my concerns and gave good feedback about how to integrate more self care and what would be best for future support. I definitely recommend her for treatment that is both gentle and effective." -Erika A

"Jahna is amazing. She takes her time to really understand what is going on. There is no rush or feeling that her mind is somewhere else. She is truly a gifted healer. Thank you Jahna!" -Ali M

"Before I saw Jahna, acupuncture was something that I had been wanting to try for a long time but I was nervous about what the experience would be like. Jahna is so articulate about her practice and I found it easy to relax with Jahna. I love knowing the science and theory behind things and Jahna is great at teaching while she treats. As an added bonus she is a climber and a runner and it's nice that she understands the stress athletes put on their bodies." -Allisa L

"Gifted, confident, and oh so calming! Jahna has a way with making you feel secure, comforted, and heard." -Dani J

"Jahna has treated me with acupuncture for my carpal tunnel syndrome. With it being my first ever acupuncture treatment, she made me feel very relaxed as she explained & educated me regarding the procedure. Her expertise and calm demeanor made it a most positive experience for me. She truly listens to you and initiates her personalized treatment plan. I definitely recommend Jahna for treating your particular medical issues and renewing your path to personal wellness!" -Doris H

"I was suffering from chronic shoulder pain. As an avid golfer, this injury was really impacting my lifestyle. I had previously tried physical therapy with little relief. Finally, after seeing Jahna for electro-acupuncture and cupping therapy, I was able to resolve my shoulder issues completely! Jahna not only helped me with my injury, but also provided insight into prevention of future injury." –Ron C

"I have had the pleasure of receiving both acupuncture and cupping with Jahna. She listens thoughtfully to my needs and customizes my sessions to aid in my healing. Jahna has a gentle spirit, caring heart, and non-judgmental attitude. She is the perfect partner to guide you toward wellness. I always look forward to our sessions." -Jen F

"In addition to being an extremely knowledgeable and skilled practitioner, Jahna is a gifted intuitive healer. She is a caring, compassionate, and mindful listener. Jahna takes the time needed to really listen to the client and generate a viable plan of care. I have received both acupuncture and cupping interventions from Jahna which have been successful at resolving health issues being addressed. She is also knowledgeable in making recommendations for supplements and essential oils that may be beneficial to the healing process. When I have a session with Jahna, I feel like I am treating myself to a spa day because I come out of the session feeling refreshed and rejuvenated both physically and mentally. Simply put, Jahna is amazing!" -Karyn R

“I've been going to Jahna for acupuncture for over a year, and she's become and integral part of my health routine. She looks at wellness from a whole-person viewpoint, and not only can treat whatever ailments are prominent that day, but she's excellent with advice on supplements, life management, meditation, wellness apps and programs, even diets and connections to local providers that may help. She works along side more Western style medicine and within your comfort zone! I've found so much relief from both chronic pain issues and anxiety/stress in her care. Her space is also incredible soothing and lush feeling, with luxuries like a heated table and candlelight and delightfully fuzzy rugs.” -MD

"Jahna is one of those special practitioners that possess both intuition and intellect. I have always experienced a warm welcome and genuine interest in my conditions when receiving treatment. When I first met Jahna for my initial appointment and consult, she took the time to really explore who I was and how acupuncture fit my needs, and continued treatment with a sophisticated insight that matched my changing dynamics. Jahna has a tremendous skill set, permeating kindness, and a passion to foster the best possible supportive approaches for each individual." -Josh C

"I walked in with tension and stress and walked out rejuvenated! I highly recommend Jahna for acupuncture services!!!" -Kealy S

"I could not have imagined a better outcome! I was diagnosed at the onset of Bell’s Palsy on Christmas Eve. Two days later I learned the name of an acupuncturist trained to treat facial paralysis, and five days later I arrived for my first appointment. The combination of acupuncture and cupping hastened my recovery, and in weeks instead of months I was able to resume a normal life. Jahna Cook treated my condition with care and concern. She also treated me with care, concern and respect. I could not have imagined a better outcome." -KF                                                                                                               

"Jahna creates an amazing atmosphere to experience multiple modalities of healing. It was a great experience and fun to share with my family and friends. The sound therapy was particularly impactful for me." Brad L

"Jahna is an amazing practitioner: gentle and intuitive, and a great listener. She's the best!" -Karen M


Cloud 9 Acupuncture

Jahna Cook MSOM, CA, Dipl.Acu