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Jahna Cook MSOM, CA, Dipl. Acu 

Education: Certified acupuncturist and herbalist, Jahna, graduated summa cum laude with a master's degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Bachelor of Science in nutrition from Midwest College in 2013. She also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in biology from the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point. In addition, she has completed training and certification in the area of cupping therapy through the International Cupping Therapy Association. She is certified to practice acupuncture by the state of Wisconsin and recognized by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM).

Philosophy: My goal is to help you achieve optimum health and wellness. Through my work with patients, I have seen the impressive results that acupuncture and Chinese medicine can have. I am grateful to be able to share the benefit of my extensive education with you. My background includes training not only in acupuncture, but in a wide array of Chinese medicine modalities. 

Hobbies: Jahna loves spending time with her husband and two children exploring the great outdoors. She also enjoys running, hiking, rock climbing, yoga, and gardening. 

Connect: Your unique health care situation is of the utmost importance to me. I am happy to answer any questions you may have regarding how acupuncture and Chinese medicine can benefit you. Together we can work toward achieving your health and wellness goals.



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Jahna Cook MSOM, CA, Dipl.Acu