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Eat Local!

Have you ever stopped to think about all the processed foods available? Just a quick trip to the supermarket and your mind is spinning from the selections. Label reading can be a huge hassle, especially if you have kids pulling you in another direction! As a nation, our taste buds are under attack from big business. Processed foods are high in sodium, fats, and sugars making their addictive qualities hard for us to resist. The manufactures know this and capitalize on it because it means more money in their pockets. What's the problem? These processed foods are leading us down a path of poor health and limited longevity.

So what's the solution? Buy (or grow) locally sourced, organic, whole foods!

It's harvest time, hooray! Across Wisconsin, and the country, the farmer's markets are fully stocked with delicious and nutritious foods, ripe for the picking. The beautiful abundance of this time of year makes me feel vibrant and thankful. Why should you shop for organic and whole foods locally?
Let's count the ways!

Top 3 Benefits to Buying Locally & Organically

1.) It's Healthy for you and the Earth

Many "fresh" foods in your local market have traveled great distances to get to you. Often food isn't even ripe when harvested and chemical gases are used to artificially ripen and preserve them! I know, yikes! Farm fresh produce and meats skip this time and resources pit fall. Locally sourced foods are traveling right from the farm to your family's table. Not only is this better for the global environment, it's also a benefit to your internal environment. Your body gets a naturally ripened, nutrient rich, healthy foods and the earth gets some love too!

2.) Slow Food is Good Food

Americans have never been so overfed and undernourished in all of history. The obesity crisis is an epidemic problem in our country. The fact that childhood obesity continues to rise and causes undo strain on our children's health should be alarming to everyone. Buying local, organic, whole foods are part of the solution. We need to learn how to cook real, wholesome, foods at home and we need to pass these lessons on to our children. These skills are essential for a healthy life. Cooking at home and experiencing fresh foods is a blessing and an honor. We need to find the reverence in the preparation and consumption of food again. Slowing down and preparing whole foods benefits our own health and will benefit our children's health for generations to come.

3.) Supports your Community's Qi

It's a great feeling to connect with the farmer who is feeding your family. In this fast paced world, it's a blessing to experience this direct interaction connecting our families back to the land and the people who understand it's rhythms. As an added bonus you get to engage with others in your community who are also choosing to shop in the "slow foods" lane. You never know who you'll meet and the influence your smile can have when you share it!

If you would like to discuss bringing more intention to your food choices, I would be happy to help. Schedule your appointment today!